Spotmaster’s app development automates the entire workflow of your field organisation

Businesses are used to managing their work processes as well as possible in order to be able attain their objectives in the area of growth, quality or efficiency. For this use is often made of ERP systems for example, which automate and safeguard these processes within the office environment.

There are far fewer applications for the field organisation, since the mobile employee is not often near a PC, or for any other reason. A work order filled in on paper often suffices or a digital version, which is processed as a PDF.

Spotmaster automates the entire workflow of your field organisation from work order to invoice, via a so-called “Native app” whereby the employee can finish work orders on the spot and with which the work order concerned is safeguarded, always being fully and correctly completed.

We develop each company’s app on a customized basis, which means that based on the work processes indicated by the customer, together with the customer specific papers, documents will be processed in a digital form in which even the house style of the company concerned is realized. Because Spotmaster has all the necessary know-how and capacity in-house, we are able to automate your field organisation in this way within a week.

Spotmaster’s Workflow

  • Digital work order and safeguarding workflow customized in the house style of the customer, which can be sent by email in PDF format
  • Quickly and affordably developed specifically for your applications
  • Hardware independent
  • Compatible with every mobile operating system (Android, iOS and Windows 8)
  • Coupling with other Spotmaster applications, because use is made of the same platform
  • Fill in and process own forms in real time. Think of damage reports, inspections, quality controls, etc.