Spotmaster is the platform for your complete field organisation. Using our products and services, your entire field organisation can be automated. That can quickly save your company thousands of euros.

Track & Trace (Yellowspot 2)

Using the web-based tracking system of Spotmaster is not to be sneered at. From any internet connection you immediately know where your mobile employees are. Also vehicles or work materials can be tracked this way. The use of Yellow Spot 2 leads to more efficient work and tighter scheduling. On average, you’ll have recouped the investment in Yellowspot 2 within six months. A time-and money-saving solution for any company that wants to know everything about who, what, where and when.

Plug & Play

All tools and applications of Spotmaster excel in ease of use, simplicity and benefit. The hardware is Plug & Play; you don’t need to buy software due to the fact that all functionality is provided online.

Voordelen Yellowspot 2:

• Fast, easy build in and installation.
• Registers every bend
• Fully automatic digital records
• Accurate kilometre registration
• Auto theft protection
• GSM network independent
• Private/business switch
• Trip registration layout according to tax authority requirements

Benefits for managers:

• Plug & Play
• Operates with each telecom provider
• Real time management reports available online
• Automatic registration and administration
• More control, more capacity, more turnover
• Geo Fence theft protection
• Solid foundation for complete automation of the field organisation
• Optionally expand with specific tools

Benefits for field organisation employees:

• No longer maintain trip registration
• More focus en route, the customer and the product
• Open-ended connection with office staff
• Clarity on planning and the implementation

Realtime management information (Yellowspot 5)

The Yellowspot 5 is the all-rounder of track and trace devices. It can handle both digital and analogue signals. You chose what you want to measure. Fuel gauges, doors, kilometres driven privately or on business, hours of operation of pumps and engines, etc. It is also possible to connect and read external devices, such as RFid readers, Garmin Nuvi Navigation and Project management units etc. Finally, using the one input port, Dallas keys (iButtons) and temperature sensors can also be read.

Plug & Play

All tools and applications of Spotmaster excel in ease of use, simplicity and advantage. The hardware is Plug & Play; you don’t need to buy software because all functionality is provided online.

Everything that Yellowspot 2 offers plus:

• Drivers identification (RFID or Dallas key)
• Project administration
• Temperature registration
• Immobilizing
• Internal battery

With optional Garmin:

• Status information
• 2-way data traffic
• Drivers & project ID
• Trip Push
• Route Push

Hardware specifications

36 months48 months60 months36 months48 months60 months
SpecificationsYellowspot 2 16,95Yellowspot 2 15,95Yellowspot 2 14,95Yellowspot 5 19,95Yellowspot 5 17,95Yellowspot 5 15,95
Onsite warranty3 years4 years5 years3 years4 years5 years
Access web-application3 years4 years5 years3 years4 years5 years
Installation (Mon to Fri 08.00 to 18.00)*
Internal GPS
External GPS
Internal battery
OTAP (over the air update)
Serial port
Bend software
Suitable for 12 and 24 Volt
Driver identification RF ID reader + RF ID key
Business/private switch
Complies with tax authorities’ system of standards
Use of data (EU)
Use of data (global)€ 3,-€ 3,-
Installation outside of office hours (and Saturday) per vehicle€ 20,-€ 20,-
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