Tax service

The Tax Authorities set requirements for keeping a trip registration. If this is done automatically, such as in your case, the tax authorities set requirements in terms of the operation of the system and the manner in which the registration, reporting and storage of data takes place. For this, a System of Standards has been drawn up, which trip registration systems have to comply with.

The Tax Authorities’ System of Standards requires that the driver has access to the reporting of the trip driven by him/her and has an opportunity to change this. The original data however must remain stored, with which it is also established who has changed what and when.

Every driver is provided with their own login code to an individual web page. From that moment, the driver, by logging on to, can retrieve all trips driven by him and where necessary, adjust or provide an explanation. These data are not transferable and are inextricably belong to the vehicle and the driver.

If you are logged in, you also have the option to add trips if the system, for any reason, has not registered these trips. In this case, within 48 hours, you are informed that the system did not function, so you can manually add any backlog in the registration.

The driver can also change business trips that should have been private and vice versa. This will only occur sporadically, but this way it is always warranted that the registration takes place.
We point out to every driver that despite the use of the Spotmaster system, he himself still remains responsible for the final report to the Tax Authorities.

The employer has a duty of supervision, which it fulfils through the use of this system and the provision of the individual driver’s tool. The driver himself is responsible for the trip registration being consistent with the reality and that the character or purpose of the trip can be demonstrated through calendars, schedules, etc.