New generation Track & Trace

Spotmaster provides a new generation of management tools for field managers who want to be ‘in control’. They are able to take the full responsibility for their department because they can flawlessly direct their people and assignments. The bases for this are the clear management reports that Spotmaster provides online and real-time. Because Spotmaster is modular, customers decide which information in the reports is processed.


By means of Spotmaster you can place a Track & Trace system in the vehicle being use by you, which ensures an automatic kilometre record. This Track & Trace system consists of a unit in the vehicle, equipped with an internal battery, a GPS antenna and a SIM card that transmits the trip data. This is received by an application running on a Spotmaster server that processes this data.

Business / private

If your unit in the car has a business / private switch (supplied as standard), you can screen off the data of private trips so they are not visible in the report. You can do this by operating the switch, whereby the light comes on when the switch is set to private. As long as the light is on, it relates to private trips. You yourself are responsible for the proper operation of the switch on your Track & Trace unit. The employer only sees date, time and kilometres driven of private trips.

Vehicle information

Management information

Spotmaster develops web-based tools for organizations with 1 to 100,000 mobile workers. The most important criterion that all Spotmaster tools meet is that they inform management real time while enabling the mobile employee to focus totally on the customer. With its Track & Trace solutions, Spotmaster provides an opportunity for professional organizations to set up a customer-focused field organisation that visibly and noticeably improves their market position. Spotmaster has become one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in the field of vehicle tracking systems. Unlike its competitors, the basis of the Spotmaster is not found in the hardware of the Track & Trace solution but in a proprietary software application that is suitable for any company with a field organisation.

This field organisation may comprise of anywhere between 1 and 100,000 persons and/or vehicles. Spotmaster was founded in 2005 and has its own self-built, self-managed web application and also incorporates the lessons learned from practical experience directly into the application itself. We realize that providing real time management information is highly complicated. Think of server management, card management, networks that fail, parking garages without GSM and GPS, boats, installation errors, sabotage etc. Thus we have also actually figured out the solutions to very many problems ourselves.