Spotmaster has its own Service department that can carry out installation work in the entire Benelux. As a result, we are not dependent on third parties and we can deal with the needs of our customers and resellers very flexibly. Thus if desired, we can also install in the evening hours or at the weekend when requested.

Built-in, installation and/or configuration

Our service engineers are resident throughout the Netherlands whereby we can respond to installation assignments quickly and effectively. Through our innovative service management, we are also able to even carry out large installation assignments in one day. In the past we’ve even installed and delivered 120 units in working order for one of our customers in one day. (watch the film clip on the left)

Because our own Service Engineers are trained regularly and the installation work is carried out according to a prescribed schedule, we guarantee the quality of the operation of the system.

Pro-active service

We set high standards for our own employees and our resellers. An own technical service therefore becomes a prerequisite. An incorrect installation immediately gives rise to a lot of negative energy. There has to be adequate response in place in order to resolve problems at our customers. Spotmaster or their resellers have their own service department, characterized by:

Guaranteed quality:We know what we do and are not afraid to link the consequences.
Innovation:Our service department is available online and is able to remotely resolve most problems. In addition, particular attention is paid to customization for each user.
Flexibility:Owing to an efficient organisation we are in a position to be able to install up to 250 units per day, on site.


Spotmaster continually monitors the correct operation of each license. This means that if the unit in a moving car does not transmit the data within a specified time, contact is automatically is sought with the customer at whose request the nearest technician, according to our application, can then be sent.