Spotmaster was founded in 2005 and has its own self-built platform, self-managed and also directly incorporates the lessons learned from practical experience into the web application itself. Because each customer can consult information via the Internet, Spotmaster is active worldwide. In order to consult the data, it is necessary that these are generated by means of a device with Internet (Wi-Fi, SIM). This may be a vehicle tracking system, a personal tracker or an NFC solution.

Our goal is to increase the transparency, efficiency and quality of a field organisation with in-house developed software in an accessible and affordable way through the provision of automated real-time management information. To this end, a web application has been developed, which is sold under license form and actually serves as an interface between your field organisation and your ERP system, irrespective of whether you are a small independent, a regionally operating company or a multinational.

Spotmaster is a true IT company that aims to become a world player in the field of automation of outside services. At present, Spotmaster is one of the largest providers of Netherlands and the expansion into the rest of the world has become a fact. For example, sales have now also been started in East Europe and the African continent.

The continuity of our organization depends on the proper functioning of our ICT facilities such as servers, data centres and computer rooms. Added to this, the availability of employees and their actions with possible emergencies is essential.

To ensure a proper and reliable operation of the Spotmaster® application, several measures have been taken that safeguard the continuous and thorough operation. In addition to numerous technical measures, in the organizational area processes have also been arranged for the purpose of being able to act swiftly and effectively in case of emergencies.

Own programmers

All software that belongs to the Spotmaster application is created, developed, written and managed in-house. That way We’re not dependent on third parties.

Server park

To a large extent the continuity of the application is dependent on the server on which this is installed. In order to be able to ensure this continuity, Spotmaster has an extensive server park that runs in triplicate. Because the three servers are regularly synchronised, the data is registered and stored at three locations, in three different countries within Europe.

Malfunctions / downtime

Despite the risk of malfunction or downtime of the server being tiny due to the triple backup, there is always the chance of malfunctions occurring in, for example, the GSM network or the unit itself. In the case of malfunctions, the unit will save all data locally for up to a maximum of about one week. Once the malfunction is rectified, this is still sent to the server.


As part of central policy, an overview of all current risks in the IT infrastructure is made by means of a quarterly scan. Further elaboration provides detailed insight into where the continuity of our application is at greatest risk. Then, together with the Management Board, a plan of action is prepared. By implementing the proposed measures, the risks are limited. Also, there are checkpoints built in so that measures taken within the organization can be safeguarded.