Spotmaster automates the entire workflow of your field organisation from work order to invoice, via a so-called “Native app” whereby the employee can finish work orders on the spot and with which the work order concerned is safeguarded, always being fully and correctly completed.Read more...
Spotmaster provides a new generation of management tools for field managers who want to be ‘in control’. They are able to take the full responsibility for their department because they can flawlessly direct their people and assignments.Read more...
Gain insight into and manage your projects, materials and employees. This will enable you to respond faster to changes and events. You can cut costs and deploy your staff more effectively.Read more...
With Spotmaster Business Intelligence you can automate comprehensive business processes, from digital workslips to links to ERP systems. Your business will quickly save time and costs.Read more...
Developed apps
Produced work orders
Megabytes of data generated

This is Spotmaster:

  • As a fully independent company with full in-house ownership of the application, we dispose of our own programmers, consultants and service engineers.
  • We can provide any customized report as well as links to all ERP systems.
  • Privacy is guaranteed in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP). In addition, our system is compliant with the RRS System of Standards of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.
  • Through innovative service management we dispose of an installation capacity of 250 cars per day in the Benelux.
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