New generation Track & Trace

Spotmaster provides a new generation of management tools for field managers who want to be ‘in control’. They are able to take the full responsibility for their department because they can flawlessly direct their people and assignments. The bases for this are the clear management reports that Spotmaster provides online and real-time. Because Spotmaster is modular, customers decide which information in the reports is processed.


By means of Spotmaster you can place a Track & Trace system in the vehicle being use by you, which ensures an automatic kilometre record. This Track & Trace system consists of a unit in the vehicle, equipped with an internal battery, a GPS antenna and a SIM card that transmits the trip data. This is received by an application running on a Spotmaster server that processes this data.

Business / private

If your unit in the car has a business / private switch (supplied as standard), you can screen off the data of private trips so they are not visible in the report. You can do this by operating the switch, whereby the light comes on when the switch is set to private. As long as the light is on, it relates to private trips. You yourself are responsible for the proper operation of the switch on your Track & Trace unit. The employer only sees date, time and kilometres driven of private trips.

Vehicle information


In this case, under applications in the field of track and trace, we mean the installation of a track and trace unit behind the dashboard and connected to the power supply of the vehicle, resulting in the provision of real time information. Below we have briefly described a number of applications. For any further questions you can call us at any time.

Location determination

The simplest form of track and trace is the real-time determination of the location of a vehicle. By means of a login code, one can log in to the Spotmaster web application whereupon the user sees where their vehicles are located.

Trip registration

In addition to real-time location determination, the complete trip history is forwarded by the Yellowspot and stored in our system. Using the web application it is possible to view both a day history (where has the vehicle all been today) as well as to download a complete trip report for a year.

Temperature, fuel, etc.

With the aid of the Yellowspot 5, in addition to location determination and trip registration, it is possible to be able to have other parameters registered. For example, this may be refrigerated transport wherein, by means of a temperature sensor, one may view at which temperature your goods are transported at any point in time.

Travel time

Using the Spotmaster system, it is easy to determine travel times for example. These could then serve as a basis to calculate the level of travel allowances. If so desired, in consultation with Spotmaster, a so-called cao-filter (collective agreement filter) can be fitted, wherein the provisions of the cao are included in the calculation.

Route planning (Garmin)

Using the combination of a Yellowspot 5 with Garmin navigation it is possible to send a predetermined route to the vehicle, so that the driver receives the first address of the route in the Garmin as soon as the car is started. This allows delivery services, white goods companies etc. to plan the most efficient delivery route. The system ensures that the driver also actually travels this route. In the event of deviations, the driver can be communicated with by means of two-way communication traffic.

Route management

In addition to route planning, the system can be arranged so that your company’s logistics department planning disposes of real time management information (which route is planned, how much has been done, at what time the driver is at the following address, etc). This makes it possible to adjust or to customize the following route.

Immobiliser system

The vehicles can be equipped with a unit (Yellow Spot 5), which is connected to the starter motor of the vehicle. The driver has to register by holding a key against the RFID reader. If that doesn’t happen, the car can’t be started. Thus one can be sure that only the duly authorized drivers are driving the vehicles.

Management information

Management information

Through standard reporting tools, but also on the basis of specific custom-programmed reports, it is possible to have the right management information at any time, fast.

Vehicle fleet management

The specific reporting tools made for vehicle fleet managers assist in facilitating fleet management. For example, reports with odometer readings of all vehicles, vehicles that have made less than a certain number of trips in a month etc. help the administrator to obtain a fleet that is as effective and efficient as possible.

Linking ERP

One of the unique aspects of the Spotmaster web application is that it is programmed in such a way that it can be linked with any arbitrary ERP system provided it has an import and export function. This allows the data from the SpotMaster application to be processed quickly and effectively, e.g. for payroll processing, invoicing and management information.


The strength of Spotmaster is in our flexibility. We do not supply a standard product, but try to adapt our services at all times to customer-specific requirements. We strive to do so in a transparent, accessible way in which the costs are kept as low as possible.

Spotmaster develops web-based tools for organizations with 1 to 100,000 mobile workers. The most important criterion that all Spotmaster tools meet is that they inform management real time while enabling the mobile employee to focus totally on the customer. With its Track & Trace solutions, Spotmaster provides an opportunity for professional organizations to set up a customer-focused field organisation that visibly and noticeably improves their market position. Spotmaster has become one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in the field of vehicle tracking systems. Unlike its competitors, the basis of the Spotmaster is not found in the hardware of the Track & Trace solution but in a proprietary software application that is suitable for any company with a field organisation.

This field organisation may comprise of anywhere between 1 and 100,000 persons and/or vehicles. Spotmaster was founded in 2005 and has its own self-built, self-managed web application and also incorporates the lessons learned from practical experience directly into the application itself. We realize that providing real time management information is highly complicated. Think of server management, card management, networks that fail, parking garages without GSM and GPS, boats, installation errors, sabotage etc. Thus we have also actually figured out the solutions to very many problems ourselves.